And it’s always men in it being absolutely creepy.

The conversation that I mentioned participating in yesterday devolved to the point that the person on the other end of it creeped me out, creeped my friends on Facebook out, and creeped my followers on Twitter out because he wanted personal information having to do with a minor child of mine. I wasn’t about to give him enough information to dox either one of us, and many of my friends felt the same way. I reported him to Twitter for stating that he would like to see women that didn’t believe in a higher power or live their lives accordingly treated like alleged witches during the Salem witch trials, and I’m not going to get any further into the incredibly creepy interest that he had in one of my minor children — all the more hilarious because in public spaces I do not use their real names. There are reasons why I do not divulge certain things online, let alone give names or locations to some of the more specific things, and I think this dude managed to encapsulate all of why in just a series of Tweets. Men really need to take the stop being creepy challenge.

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