It’s always men in it begging for emotional labor.

I have someone in my Mentions wanting to argue theism and the alleged existence of supernatural deities (I tend to lump almost all of them together, not giving any particular favor to the one most frequently called God), who at the same time wants me to take time out of my day, do his homework for him, and research things that he should be able and willing to research on his own. I told him that my time and effort are not free, and that if he wanted me to do his homework for him the least he could do was make it worth my while paying me for my effort. This seems to be the thing with people like him, and at that, men like him. Most of them are just not worth debating when all of their “gotcha”, “gimme” gambits… don’t work. If I give you the name of a law or a regulation, or cite that, and you want to know more about that the onus is generally on you to do the requisite research if there are things regarding those things that you do not know about or need clarification on. But I suppose most of this draws back to the fact that I am attempting to engage in conversation with a Texan conservative, which I hope not to have to do in the future if I can somehow get out of this state. I don’t see Texas getting any better, and I would love to raise my kids in a better state.

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