If Tumblr IP bans me for this, it’s for the best.

I’ve decided to make another account on Tumblr since it seems that no matter how much I warn people on social media about their critical site security issues, all of which continue to remain open (you know, the ones that I’ve periodically mentioned going back as early as May of 2022 when they were hacked and refused to mention it or patch the exploit that hackers were using to gain unauthorized access to their site?), I might as well make an account on Tumblr and use that account to discuss their site security issues. I am also open to discussing the other issues that Tumblr has that they refuse to fix, and there are no shortage of those. Again, it’s not going to bother me if their response to me doing this is to suspend my account and IP ban me from their site, as it will only prove that what I was saying about their site security issues — and other issues — were accurate. Tumblr has had some potential, and would have even more potential if they were ever amenable to fixing these issues, even if some people… make fun of the content that’s been up on their site (and the content that continues to go up on their site). That’s neither here nor there, I suppose. My favorite blog will always be here, though. This will always be the blog that I continue to prioritize. But for the sake of continuing to shitpost about Tumblr’s abhorrent site security and all the other things wrong with them…


Let’s see how long this stays up and what Tumblr’s official reaction to this if and when they find out about it.

I mean, in a truly nihilistic world, they could go the way of Twitter with no competent hands left on deck.

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