I should have expected this to become a problem.

In case it needs to be said, I feel like adults scaring children on Among Us VR will never be appropriate.

There is nothing even remotely humorous or even funny about this, especially when the bad actors in question — and, look, I don’t care who you are, where you stream, if you stream (although that makes it even worse as far as this whole thing is concerned), or how many people are subscribed to your streams or watch them, you’re still a bad actor if you do this — are scaring children to the point that they scream and cry, and then getting their supporters to laugh over it. You wouldn’t be doing these things if not for clout, and you wouldn’t be posting clips or VODs of these to the streaming sites that you use if you didn’t want your supporters to see what you were doing and laugh right along with you. Children should safely be able to play video games in… what is it, 2022 now? We’re still in 2022, right? Give them at least that, especially when the game in question is a family-friendly game. Don’t actually make Innersloth go to the time and trouble of tightening up rules in these games to make this harder to do, even though I would be in full support of them if they actually did this — like making it to where children couldn’t game with adults, that reports were acted on quicker and more stringently, anything that would actually help this problem out…

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