I promise that I will be getting to these posts!

So, for those of you who might be or have been confused whose picture I posted for yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday, it was a picture of my late paternal grandmother, who someone on Ancestry actually uploaded a picture of not too long ago. She died three years before I was born, not even outliving her own mother (who I met when I was a young child), so for that reason I don’t regret having taken Ancestry and 23andMe tests… their ethnicity estimates could have been a lot more accurate when it came to what each of them estimated for me, but they’ve connected me with several worthwhile family members. However, putting together my family tree on Ancestry confirmed how one of my parents was… conceived, which I will be writing about in subsequent posts with plenty of content warnings, because my relation to that entire side of the family tree is not something that they can ignore for those of them that knew about it that might have been deluding themselves into thinking that the conception of that parent was something that said parent’s other parent was making up. (I’m not quite sure how to word this without going into more detail about it than I want to in this post, and it’s something that’s going to require a lot of content warnings, but the sheer number of people that Ancestry has proven that I am related to from that side of the family — those family members — is irrefutable proof that it actually happened, and most of the people who were involved in this… situation are now deceased, so I don’t have a problem with writing about it in here at some point. I don’t.)

I have a whole list of posts that I’d like to devote more time to… making, and writing about, that I will get to.

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