If you flash memes one time on purpose I’m now out.

Me for four days: I wish I could sleep easily. It’s hard to go to sleep.
Me on the fifth day: zzz

That went well.

Anyway, I am one Discord server down (the order of these surprised me, like I didn’t expect this one to be first… but I’m going to hold grudges if people are going to post flashers in main chat knowing that epileptic people are actively chatting and trying to participate, and that’s just the top of the list for me). I’m getting used to the pace of the Discord server that I’d been invited to, that I thought might be a bit overwhelming for me at first, but not throwing myself into it seems to be helping. I try only to update people on seizures once I am well into the postical period of them or if that has passed because I don’t want people to unnecessarily worry about me… I mean, unless they caused what happened and should. But I’ve been man down for a few days, so to speak. I’m having migraines that are completely refractory to my standard medication, which sometimes happens. It is what it is and I’m getting over it because I have to get over it to keep going on

Still, I don’t care how much you claim to dislike a person, doing something to risk a seizure is not alright.

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