Does it bother you that I don’t want to be friends?

Every time I get an invite to a Discord channel created and ran by some of the people that I grew up around, I wind up kicking myself if I decide to join their server (barring all of like… two exceptions right now, and I had wanted those to be the only two exceptions). When this pandemic finally becomes endemic I’m going to be available for chat a lot less than I have been, so it all might work out in the end. I mean, there was a reason that I uninstalled AOL after my youngest son was born and… just didn’t tell any of them, and why I went twelve years without being contacted by any of them until one of them managed to contact me on Facebook and then invited me to several of these servers. Although I do like some of them and don’t mind being back in touch with some of them, the same can not be said for the majority of them, and I find being on most of the servers that have spawned from this uncomfortable. I’ve always been really good at keeping my Internet life separate from my… real life, although a lot of that might owe to where I live (and might change if, or when, I ever move out of this area). These people are leading the charge that screws themselves over in this.

I’ve been transparent about this since I began being added to invite lists for these servers because I used to use AOL, though. A lot of you make me uncomfortable. No, I can’t get past that to become your friend. Please stop inviting me to “reunion” servers (I’m fine with the two that I’ve been a member of for… a little while now, and they should know who they are if any of their members read this post). I’m uncomfortable.

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