I should have bet money on this being the outcome.

My abuser did not show up to the show cause hearing that had been scheduled that he was supposed to begin paying the state back for what he shoplifted from them at, so another hearing was scheduled for later this year. If his new home state is going to continue doing what they’ve been doing, this means that a warrant will be placed out for his arrest to make him attend the next hearing — this happened when he refused to attend the initial show cause hearing and they made him come in, at which point they did not let him show cause for the shoplifting incident but went right to putting him on a repayment plan. His new home state is becoming aware that he has a substantial criminal history from his actual home state, and they’ve been pulling no punches trying to hold him accountable for what he did (that, and the merchant that he stole from is pursuing maximal punishment under the law). I’m not sure how they manage to luck out finding him like they have been, but I’m obviously not going to question a good thing. He’s made it clear through his inability to leave his current location that he’s burned all of his bridges — family members and friends are no longer letting him live with them or giving him money that he could use to flee the state (or the country, again,. as he had in 2014… he was actually deported back here for committing immigration fraud).

At least his father cooperates with law enforcement whenever he’s arrested or is caught doing something.

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