A whole bunch of things crammed into one post.

First things first: I’m waiting for my migraines to begin to improve. So yeah, still waiting on that one. During the radiofrequency ablation (RFA) that was done on the right side of my head, the technician accidentally pierced the nerve with the shot meant to numb it rather than injected the lidocaine beside it… and that was a ten-out-of-ten banger until he could sufficiently numb up that entire side of my head, and I mean that in the worst possible way. I know that it was a mistake and that these things just happen some of the time, so I’m not mad at him for what was clearly a simple mistake. It just means that I have to wait a little while longer until the pain on that side of my head is ameliorated, assuming that it even ameliorates at all. We’ll see…

Secondly: The terms “abandonware” and “fair use act” do not mean what certain people think they mean, or what certain people have been deluding themselves into thinking that they mean. I’ve been in correspondence with the copyright holder of… one such entity (although you could also call them the owner of the intellectual property in question, and that wouldn’t be wrong either), and not only have these contacts clarified some information for me — namely that you can not claim that something is abandonware because it is the older version of a current program, and accepting money for any reason as part of this project means that you are profiting off of someone else’s work — but have solidified the fact that I am not going to participate in any projects that are not iron-clad in their legality. If this means that I do not participate in any more “projects” like this any more, so be it. I’d rather not take unnecessary risk here, especially as a streamer.

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