We are making progress re-downloading games!

I am actually almost done re-downloading Bub’s games because of our hardwired connection!

Weirdly, a few times the SSD has shown up on the drive list of the gaming PC… but I’ve always seen it vanish, so I know not to depend on it for anything important. It’s also vanished each time it’s shown back up, and the time on that has varied. Sometimes it hangs out there on the drive list for a few others. Other times, it’s there for ten minutes. Either way, it’s getting replaced at some point with something that can actually be depended on and relied on, and I’m not using the one that’s currently in this computer until it’s replaced with that more dependable and reliable one. As much as I don’t like having to break into this computer again (or even the laptop, for that matter), I know that it’s going to have to get done at some point, just like how I want to upgrade the 1TB HDD in my laptop that stores Bub’s games to a 2TB one to avoid me having to shuffle games around on it to make room. These things are like my babies too! I want to take good care of them!

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