Men causing apprehension and anxiety, what’s new?

Mistake one: I return to the server that I mentioned quitting in here several days ago.
Mistake two: Having decided that it is no longer worth it to mask, I begin forming authentic friendships with some of the people chatting in the general channel on this server by talking about the necklace that a now-deceased friend had made for me (and identical copies mailed to other friends) after her passing to remember her by, knowing that she had made it clear that she did not mind this being discussed with other people because she wanted more people to learn about cystic fibrosis and sign up to be organ donors

One of the mods decided to attempt to corner me claiming that I “shared too much information” when I share about as much information in Discord channels as I share in this blog, the irony being that my current living situation does not permit and is not going to permit people from the Internet to come onto the property for any reason. I am an adult, and furthermore, I am comfortable with the amount of information that I share online. That being said, it is not up to you to determine what amount of information I should or should not share. And furthermore, it is highly inappropriate for you as a male to corner people — especially women — on the server as other people have nodded to you doing to mold them to your whims when they have broken a server rule or you feel that they have broken a server rule. Whether you admit it or not, and whether you even acknowledge it or not, this practice is abusive. Without warning, you indefinitely mute people when you feel they have broken a rule (and given your behavior, that is why I’m saying things like “you feel”) before dragging them into a separate channel to lord over them telling them things like “this is not up for debate”.

This is a Discord server, and you are taking things way too seriously attempting to assert dominance over women engaging in predatory behavior meant to cause apprehension and anxiety. I mean, seriously now? None of this behavior is friendly, nor will it get you any of the results you want long-term unless the results you want have anything to do with criticism of your (the server you moderate) server’s moderation team.

All I did was talk about the necklace that my now-deceased friend had made and sent to me to remember her by, and shared pictures of her that she had consented to and made public before her death before you went on your… how can I describe it? Passive-aggressive tirade? Is that just how you operate? If so, please leave me out of it. If writing this post gets me kicked out of the Discord server in question — or more, banned from it — I won’t be surprised. But this is my blog, and this is where I get to write about how I feel and vent.

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