Should any of this have surprised me, though?

The posts that I make about re-AOL and my experiences with predatory behavior on apps and sites like Discord (and within the gaming community as more of a whole, but also something that I expected getting into it int he first place) continue to have significant traction as per details on my internal tracker. I tend to hold back comments on those posts so that the people who participate in that predatory behavior don’t have opsec (OpSec? Opsec?) on “fresh blood” or “new blood” as they might like to call it… I’m not going to give them other people’s contact details and, in doing so, hand other people over for them to inflict that sort of behavior on. If people want to own up to their predatory behavior they first need to stop… doing predatory things, cutting it off at the source. But I don’t have faith in a lot of these people actually being capable of doing that if any of you know what I mean, so I don’t expect them to actually do so, and I don’t expect an apology or significant behavior changes out of any of the individuals whose behaviors I have touched on.

As stated in more than one post at this point, there are reasons that I am extremely reluctant to meet people off of the Internet in person. Under the right circumstances I might be willing, such as conventions and… safer places to do these meet-ups in, but I’m not just going to pick and choose random people to meet up from the Internet with (I have a whole story prepared on that, and I’m eventually going to get around to it).

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