It isn’t a weekend without a re-AOL update, folks.

Developers and programmers (I do the front desk sort of stuff in the Discord chat, and in re-AOL chatrooms when I see that there’s a need for it, like helping people download and install the client, answering questions, getting answers to questions, facilitating conversation, the whole nine) have been working on some back-end fixes to problems like “hanging SNs” — where, after disconnecting, it would still say that you “were logged in”, which a mod could fix by booting your screen name off so that you could actually log in yourself — and the occasional doubling up of screen names in the People In Room list. We still have… screen names that do that, but the things I’ve mentioned are already happening less than they were, which is awesome! And there’s the occasional “missing line”, where when someone tries to send something to a re-AOL chat it just doesn’t send, but that’s happening less than it was. (Later, we’re going to get Slingo and Splatterball!)

This is the fun of alpha testing, though. And programming during the alpha stage, too. We squash bugs.

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