Thinking about getting the kid a Steam Deck.

I have some credit through a line on PayPal, and for some reason using less than 10% of it and paying that off in full when my statements hit caused my credit score to lower a bit from what it had been… so I’m like, hey, if “they” (the arbiters of credit scores since this appears to be a uniquely American thing) want me to prove that I can handle a little bit of self-made debt by paying something like this off every month until it is paid off, there is that as an alternative. So I am considering that. Bub has already made it clear that he would love to have a Steam Deck, and they have a microSD card slot that I could easily add more space to by popping a 1TB card in. I could also pay it off with the child support that his father’s family has voluntarily paid since 2019. The order has, barring some brief periods where the “chief ombudsman” of the child support office has forced it to remain open in spite of there being approved good cause waivers on it (and her name’s Stephanie Neely, by the way), been in non-enforcement since it was declared unsafe to enforce.

Anyway, this thing is about as difficult to find and purchase as a PlayStation 5, so wish me luck, y’all!

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