Just in case it bears repeating (again)…

If you’re knee- or neck-deep into fandom, I’m not sure I want much to do with you.

I don’t want anything to do with some of you at all, and I’ve made that clear.

For some of this to continue to persist is an invasion of privacy and violation of boundaries, because I shouldn’t have to repeat it more than once. But I’ll continue to repeat it for as long as it takes to get you off of my shit and out of my lives, and this means all branches or “lanes” of fandom (I am reluctant to use some of the same stock terminology as has been run into the ground, but most of you — those of you who aren’t knee- or neck-deep into this — should get my drift). I was in one fandom-related server on Discord that I thought was going to be cool for… a few days, but then I decided that the best thing to do was keep any activity that might even remotely be construed to that to Twitter and not have it anywhere else. I don’t intend to go to any of these conventions. The only thing that I am collecting from Supernatural are challenge coins, and that’s only because I am a sucker for them. Everything else from fandom in general I am out of.

I have gotten a few good screenshots from my friends on a server in Discord explaining… fandom shit to them, and Supernatural to them, and I might post those later although they had to be redacted a little bit.

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