I think I’m just going to call him my abuser now.

It’s that time of the month again. My abuser (who, as I’m sure some of you were able to sus out, was also the person who publicly posted revenge porn of a Canadian ex of his, which is currently being investigated by his new home state) has the state’s second attempt at a show cause hearing coming up for shoplifting since he did not attend the first one that they had scheduled for him. After awhile — sooner rather than later, anyway — the state is going to get tired of scheduling hearings for him that he is refusing to come to and they are probably going to put a warrant out for his arrest. He appears to know that he has to hide from something, because when this incident happened was when he deactivated or deleted all of the social media accounts that he had actively, publicly been using, and he made himself a lot less searchable in Google search results. He wouldn’t have had the “need” to do that if he weren’t running for something, and the state that he feels like he had to “flee” to is a lot more aggressive about arresting people who have broken the law (and extraditing them when they are successful in fleeing) than our home state, although our home state actually made the decision to wave off on all extradition requests that they legally could to keep my oldest son safe from harm when he retaliated over having to do even more time in the county jail…

There’s also the fact that he used to gloat about having befriended several of the cops in this area, being able to get them to “look the other way” when he broke the law. However, he didn’t befriend all of them, he did not get on the county criminal justice unit’s good side, and the state that he feels like he had to “flee” to is pursuing him as aggressively as they can for all of the crimes he commits while a “resident” (who, might I add, does not have a valid driver’s license or ID card because he is unwilling to give an address to the DMV that he can’t lie about or immediately move from). But as I’ve already stated, I know that he isn’t going to show up to this show cause hearing either, and I expect this to be the last olive branch that his new “county of residence” gives him before they throw the book at him. Because he’s gone radio silent on everything, no one can pin down his present location other than to say that he’s never going to return here of his own accord because he still thinks that he has to evade child support enforcement (which keeps us slightly safer).

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