Two problems down, now how many left to go…

Okay, so I have the microphone set up in a really good position, and I’ve confirmed that it is picking up sounds at the volume that I want it to. The webcam is also in an optimal position on the desktop, being the one that I can move around a bit as needed. It picks up the images that I want it to pick up. They look crisp.

The only thing that I think I need to do is to make sure that frames aren’t dropped — or slow — although my current Internet speed indicates that I shouldn’t have to worry about that (29.1 Mbps download, 11.4 Mbps upload). I’ve been using Twitch Studio for the streams that I’ve done so far, although I am open to switching to a new program as long as it has the same ease of use and lets me install the overlays that I’ve been using.

Now all I think I have to do is fix the alerts (or wait for Twitch to fix them in Twitch Studio) and I’ll be good for awhile! This, of course, supposes that I decide to stay with Twitch Studio for the long haul. It is easy to work.

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