Surprise, everyone! I never actually mentioned this!

At my request, I’m going to be having an assessment done to see if I am autistic (I know I am, though, and everyone that knows me well enough knows that I am or speculates that I am, so this should not be a surprise to anyone). The psychiatrist that got me in a week before that said that he saw autistic traits in me and that it wasn’t a bad thing, although describing my medical history to him made it clear that my mother did not work any of my childhood disabilities up or even take me to the doctor as appropriate. My shot record makes it clear that she stopped taking me to well visits at age six, and I remember her getting a nastygram from the school about me not being caught up on shots, and she made it clear that scheduling an appointment for them and then taking me to it was the most inconveniencing thing in the world from her. She also did not make appointments to get me shots that came out as I was a child, and I never got the Hepatitis B shot series or even the chicken pox shot as a child. My mother also had it suggested to her multiple times by people that worked with me in elementary school that I was neurodiverse and quite likely autistic. She refused to get me tested. (She also refused to pay for braces when I actually went to one dental visit, and she would not pay for large cavities on my top front teeth to be filled. At the time, my dad made enough money so that none of this would even be a problem. Instead, she spent all of his money on herself.

Tomorrow’s going to be amusing, but I already know exactly what is going to happen, which is good.

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