Incarcerate him before he murders someone.

The person that I turned in to their (okay, his) local police precinct for publicly posting revenge porn of an ex of his with enough identifying details to make it possible to Google her has a show cause hearing coming up for a shoplifting charge coming out of that county. Given… who this person is — it’s probably becoming obvious who this person is at this point — he will not attend the hearing, and then that county will find out that the address on the form of identification he had that allowed them to positively identify him (a passport, and one that might be expired at that) is not good and has not been good for awhile. However, his police precinct made it clear to me in their correspondences with me that they researched the information in the tip that I gave them, found it to be valid, were beginning to investigate it, and would contact me through the tip portal if they needed any additional information about him that I could provide them. I told them that he has family members in that area and that he is only in that area because of those family members and a substantial criminal history coming out of his home state, although I also let them know that he routinely burns people using them for as much as they are willing to do for him or provide him and that these family members may no longer actively be assisting him with anything (although they may or may not know his present location, which is why I mentioned them to the precinct, which they were thankful for me doing).

It is incredibly likely that he knows that this county is aggressively coming after him or that they will, though. He deleted everything of his that came up in Google searches at this time, and the very first Facebook account that he ever made has been deactivated, although that might have been because he was foolish enough to post the very same revenge porn on it that he posted on this porn site and Facebook themselves deactivated the account. All other accounts that he has made on the site have long since been abandoned.

Over the years, he has become more aggressive, and he has become more dangerous (this is the person who fled the country over one child support payment, who was deported from this country when they found out that he lied on visitor’s visas to get over there, issuing him a lifetime ban against returning to the country, which means that he can not even settle parentage over the child of his that he had while over there). He also has a lot less people who are able or willing — my guess on this point is slightly more willing than able because he might have burned the very last of the people that he had to go through when they did help him out — to help him out, which explains why he did not leave the area he was living in when he was taken to court by a landlord for formal eviction due to failure to pay rent, damages to the place that he was renting, and him inviting “unauthorized, unknown residents” to come stay there with him before he formally fled it.

I’m afraid that if he isn’t found for the things that he has done that he’s eventually going to get angry enough at a woman for “wronging him” that he murders her, makes the news for it, and then it comes out that so many people dropped the ball intentionally enabling him along the way that it was how he got to that point.

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