In a plot twist that surprises absolutely no one…

The person that I mentioned (okay, most of you probably know who this is by this point) that had a show cause hearing with his local county for shoplifting did not attend that hearing, and his county was kind enough to schedule another one. I am literally laughing at this because I knew that he was not going to attend it. He’s never going to attend it because he’s never going to cooperate on this charge, and I’m guessing that they will do whatever they have to do to give him enough time not to cooperate to convict him on the offense. Like the domestic violence conviction that he literally walked himself into because he decided at the start of probation that he was never going to finish it, quickly no longer showing up for visits with his probation officer and making himself scarce, this is going to follow him around for the rest of his life. Shoplifting convictions are almost as bad as domestic violence convictions and he’s well on his way to having both on his record. Then there’s the matter of his county investigating the revenge porn incident.

No one ever said that he was crafty or clever — the opposite, though. He’ll go to great lengths to hide from crimes he’s committed and the things that he should be doing. He thinks he never has to be held accountable for anything. But he will invariably eventually be found (he’s no longer as skilled at hiding from law enforcement as he was), so I mean, at least there’s that. If you believe in karma it appears to be operational.

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