I’m still attempting to troubleshoot Twitch here.

For some reason, I continue to have dropped frames and slow frames when attempting to stream on the desktop with Twitch Studio. (Thanks, Manchin… my tax refund literally funded this because we didn’t have a desktop.) I’m going to remedy this in the coming months with a desktop that is, at the very least, marginally better than the desktop that I’ve been attempting to stream on, because if it can not consistently or reliably stream, there’s probably other things that it can’t do as well. This perplexes me because this desktop is seriously only one year old, was advertised as gaming friendly, and has consistently begun to fall short of the things that I would like it to do. If it has significant trouble streaming, we are bound to run into other things that it can’t do as well, and I’m just now finding out that some of the games that I’ve gotten for free off of Epic Games (or downloaded from Origin or Steam) are going to have difficulty playing because of the graphics card in it — namely the type, as the drivers tell me that it’s an Intel… something something… 530.

Yeah, this is going to be fun. I shouldn’t be tremendously surprised by the outcome of this though.

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