I mean, this is only taking forever but yeah.

This time, I’ve been in the process of getting a lawyer to help me get disability benefits. So far it’s basically been a game of phone tag getting my pain management clinic and psychiatrist’s office to fax things to this lawyer’s office so that they can go over them and see if my case is a good fit for them. I don’t even mind the idea of a lawyer taking backpay from any settlement that I am awarded because that means that I will have won and will finally start getting disability benefits that I have been owed for years. With my migraines, Social Security has refused to equal it to the closest epilepsy listing for years, even when I have pointed out that this is the proper protocol with them. They just refuse to do it. The ALJ that I have gotten twice over the years is racially biased, as she treated me a lot better when she thought I was Black (and my full first name seems to be more common amongst African-American girls and women, although I thought that my voice made it clear that I am white over the conference call for the hearing… I digress). But now Social Security is going to have to deal with reports regarding anxiety and depression from my psychiatrist, which is another listing that I may be able to get if not equal. I’m finally having that worked up and being put on better, stronger medication to attempt to ameliorate symptoms of it. My psychiatrist is open to other medications as well, concurrent ones, so I am thinking about asking for a medication just for anxiety in addition to Lexapro.

If I can, though, I’d like to make something out of streaming. It can be something that I… do, especially when I feel well. It’s something that I would love to do and make a thing, although I am also aware that it tends to take years to get noticed enough to where it is self-sufficient. Tomorrow the cord needed for the gaming desktop should be here, I should be able to start it up (why didn’t the person selling us the monitor just give that one cord to us?! they said that they were sending everything with it, but I… sigh), I can begin to install things and move around the USBs a little bit. This ought to be fun! And take me a little while. I’m not worried.

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