I have surprisingly made a lot of progress here!

I’ve managed to get past all of the problems that this computer has presented me with so far!

I figured out that the monitor needed a DVI-D cable to DVI-D cable to connect to the desktop, so I went ahead and got one of those since the person who sold me the monitor only sent a VGA cable along with it, and… almost. I mean, they tried. At any rate, I got everything hooked up via USB that needs to be hooked up, and all peripherals appear to be functional. Twitch Studio continues to give me a bit of shit “testing” streaming out, but when I look at the raw stats from the GPU encoder and the computer’s equivalent of an encoder I’m liking what I’m seeing a lot more than I was on the All-in-One computer that we admirably tried to get to stream. (And by that I simultaneously mean “failed miserably to”, especially if you were watching.)

Now all I have to do is reauthenticate ownership of these games we own and I should be almost done!

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