Before I completely forget to add updates to this.

Since I was making posts about how awful my high school experience was…

I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but at the start of my senior year, a freshman climbed on top of the art building and threatened to jump from it. My friends and I were the ones that had to let an adult at the school know because everyone else in the cafeteria (from which the art hallway and building could easily be seen) was chanting at him to jump. We let the Student Life director know, who called the front office when she confirmed that what we were telling her was true, and emergency services were called to the school. Apparently the student had to be tranquilized to safely get him off of the building… and he was allowed to come right back to school the following week like nothing at all had happened. He began attempting to pick fights with people who he thought would beat him up, and after the school found out about this, he stayed gone for a longer period of time. (However, the school did once again allow him to return some time after this as I found out after I had graduated. This was problematic for several reasons, many of which are obvious.)

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