This is not where we need to be at, fam.

Captain’s log, day 6,666: the right side of my jaw began to swell and hurt. Took prednisone. Hate prednisone. But I’m feeling better. Am still not sure why that happened in the first place but hey…

This month’s appointment with the pain management clinic that I attend did not go well. For some reason I was prescribed less of the pain management medication that works (Fioricet), and I was prescribed… a copious amount of muscle relaxers. I was prescribed these years ago in conjunction with Fioricet and I felt like they helped, but that is not the case this time, so I’ve been (self-ownership of word here) feeling stupid and tired as I stumble into things. I honestly think I’m going to stop taking them, as I’ve been told to take them twice daily as needed, because they are clearly not helping me out at all and I am still in pain. I don’t want to seem like a drug seeker or anything, but we are not yet at a place where I feel like I can indulge in hobbies and interests with the time I have to participate in them without having to work around that by scheduling doses of medication and wearing 80% amber-tinted sunglasses. So how do I speak up here?

At any rate, sunglasses and all, the boys’ all-in-one computer is almost fully loaded! I will then defragment the HDD drives, which are thw two external drives currently storing the majority of Bub’s games, and at that point I think I will have at it. I might bring up Among Us, music and all, to see if Bub runs in here squealing.

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