This doesn’t even surprise me at all right now.

Now the USPS has stolen three separate parcels of mine, because as soon as they got to my state they were… misdirected to cities that I hadn’t even heard of other than being able to see that they were in the same state as me due to the tracking. This was three separate parcels, two of them with tracking that indicated this (as the other one went with one of the others that had tracking on it and thus couldn’t be tracked itself as they were supposed to travel together). I contacted the USPS online about it and they were not helpful at all, refusing to acknowledge that it had even happened even though there is a history of mail theft in this area — try this area in particular. However, eBay was really helpful given that I made all three purchases off of them. Even though two of them were “marked” as Delivered (just not to me), they opened up Item Not Received inquiries since from their end they could see that I had intended to have the parcels shipped to my home address and that had not happened any of these three times. Once the delivery range expires for the third item with it obviously not being received, eBay can then open up an Item Not Delivered inquiry for that one as well, and I should quickly get refunds on all of the items that… wait for it… never came.

This has been my weekend in a nutshell, folks, and let me tell you: I Am Not Amused With Shenanigans.

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