I mean, we’re getting there with this, so…

All I have to do is download one more game off of Epic Games for Bub, which would be one of the Kingdom Hearts games released, and a few more games off of Steam and he has everything in his gaming collection on the desktop computer! Hilariously, I now have two external hard drives connected to this via USB because Bub clearly radiates Big Bubby Energy when it comes to gaming, but I got them while I was in college and I wasn’t using them for anything else… so why not? I mean, the friends that I formerly shared with Bub’s father — we don’t have any friends in common any more since I found out that some of them were being some of the most childish people I had ever encountered, screenshotting what I wrote on social media to tell him, or just plain telling him what I was posting — might be horrified if they found out that I formatted 2GB worth of anime from two external hard drives to make room for this, but at this point in my life I couldn’t care less what any of them think or have to say and want them to continue to stay out of our lives just like I am continuing to make Bub’s father stay out of our lives. I wasn’t watching that anime at all, though, so no loss.

Hopefully in the next day or two this thing is completely loaded so we can use it! That would be fun!

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