We have a functioning desktop! Thanks, Biden!

Along with getting myself a new phone so that I would have something decent that was not in battery failure (as my old iPhone 7 had gone into, needing to be charge approximately every hour and a half to two hours with light use), I got us an All-in-One desktop that the kids can use for educational pursuits. Once I get everything hooked up, I can also begin to use it to stream video games at some point! I’ve been thinking for awhile about doing that on Twitch once I “get everything together”, as among other things I need to find where the video camera’s charging cord went off to… I highly doubt that it’s left this room as Bub probably picked it up and sat it down somewhere else trying to be helpful, but this is a bit of an obscure camera when it comes to searching, so if I can’t find the cord I might just have to find something that fits into the camera to charge it and call it a day. That’s actually what I think I’m going to have to do here. This thing is that obscure.

I did have a bit of trouble trying to get our admittedly old graphics design program onto the desktop for the sake of having it there in case anything happens to this computer, but I’ll go about trying to re-download it later. It worked on this one before I upgraded it to Windows 11, so I don’t see why it… wouldn’t… work on that one. I grew up on Paint Shop Pro 9 and it’s the easiest one for me to use, so I mean, I’ll just roll with it.

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