As per Informed Delivery, I was made aware that I would be receiving something in the mail from the IRS.

I thought that it would be the check or the debit card that the IRS portal had promised me, because all of that was supposed to start happening and going out on the fifteenth… but nope. This is probably going to be something like what I experienced with the first stimulus check where it took them months to even get it to me, and then they shorted me dependent pay (+2) for months, finally fixing that. I’ve had to threaten to get a hold of my state’s Legal Aid program again, having actually done so when HHSC and the OAG wanted to actively enforce Bub’s child support case in spite of the fact that it is unsafe to do for multiple reasons. The moment that they found out that I had contacted Legal Aid and that Legal Aid was working that up as a possible case, they put his child support case back into non-enforcement, where it has wordlessly stayed ever since. It was only when I threatened Legal Aid’s intervention that they actually did this, too. Blatant.

With any luck, it may be deposited into the bank account that the IRS has on file for me in the next… few days? But if not, I will definitely be contacting someone about the IRS. They have all of my financial information on file. None of this should be taking as long as it is, or it has in general. For fuck’s sake…

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