This went marginally better than I thought it would.

So I actually got a check for my first Advance Child Tax Credit payment even though the IRS has literally had my bank information on file since the first stimulus check. I checked, and all of that information is still in the portal on the website. But somehow, some way, I miraculously got a paper check in the mail. I had to make time to go down to my grocer, where my bank works, to deposit this check into one of my accounts. It should be deposited at around midnight if you want to get the most technical, and then I can begin doing what I told myself (and everyone else) that I was going to do with it… buy personal comfort items and toys for them.

I got Monster one of the toys that he has been wanting for going on a year now because he saw a YouTube commercial about said toy… the Peppa Pig Sing-a-Long Kitchen Playset. No one in the United States sells, or sold, it, so I had to buy it from a seller on eBay since I had enough money to cover it waiting for the child tax credit check to officially be deposited. He won’t know about it until it actually arrives because of the struggle that he has with conceptualizing time, waiting for things, and understanding the mail service in general. That, and it’s literally coming from another country, so if it gets here in a week I am going to be surprised.

Now to figure out exactly what to buy them with these payments, and help their dreams come true.

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