We are eventually going to finish this game.

So Bub and I actually started Pokemon: Sword with the intent of finishing it.

The last time we started it, we didn’t get that far, and when I had to fix our Nintendo Switch I lost our save file for… whatever reason. Luckily though, we hadn’t even gotten that far, so it wasn’t that big of a deal — we just had to pick it back up and resume playing, which we eventually did. Predictably, Bub chose the Fire starter as our introductory Pokemon, which I had a feeling he was going to do anyway since he generally does choose Fire starters. A friend of mine was nice enough to trade the boys their two favorite Pokemon (Growlithe, Meowth… although they like Arcanine and Persian too for obvious reasons), and I immediately put those into our party with the intent to level them up. I also have a Vulpix in there that I eventually want to evolve to Ninetales, so we are a bit Fire-type loaded, but I’ll make substitutions as needed. Like when we get to the Water Gym, I know for a fact that we’re only going to have our Fire starter in there… the rest of the Fire-types that we have are going to go back into the box and wait until we’re done. Bub shouldn’t mind.

Since I’m running a classic Meowth and not a Galan Meowth, which he doesn’t like, he shouldn’t mind.

I also want to get a Galan Vulpix for myself for entirely personal reasons, finding it fascinating and pretty.

I try not to “load us up” with a lot of games that we’re playing that… might not get completed due to the number of games that we’re playing, but I felt like I had to make an exception for this because it’s Pokemon. I’ve already pre-ordered the remakes of Diamond and Pearl for the boys that seem like they’re coming out later this year, and I got them the Arceus game as well. I’ll eventually remember the names of the remakes (Brilliant Diamond? Shining Pearl?) as launch date gets closer. And I pre-ordered them Pokemon Snap months ago, which should actually be shipping soon now that it’s been released. It’s just their kind of game.

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