True to our promise, we finished the main game!

True to my promise, Bub and I have been playing Pokemon: Sword… and we’ve completed the game insofar as we are the Champion, so we’re playing through post-game content and also playing through the DLC that I got both boys for their games (Sword and Shield respectively). I’m still looking for the Alolan version of Vulpix and the Galarian (Galan? Galarian?) version of Ponyta for purely personal reasons, and I’m trying to pick up some legendaries that Bub might like through things like Max Raids and just going through the DLC.

I like this game a lot more than some of the more recent Pokemon games that have come out, especially because it has an abundance of post-game content that you can take advantage of, and the online play makes it even more appealing. The only downside is the fact that you have to pay for a Nintendo subscription to be able to play online, but as I’ve waxed in the past, a Nintendo subscription is a lot more affordable than paying for online play through Microsoft or Sony. I suppose that I will hold those views for the long haul unless Nintendo drastically changes their prices and makes me eat dirt. We have awhile added onto our subscription for a reason, and this is a lot of the reason. I love doing Surprise Trades on this game when Bub has gone to sleep and picking up Pokemon that he will like when I show him the next morning.

Also… coming back to say that apparently it is Galar Ponyta, not Galan. I tried. I honestly did.

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