In case it actually needs to be said here…

There are certain things beyond what I have already mentioned in here that I… haven’t mentioned in here, that I may later write about under the protection of a password-protected post. Some of the people who already know me might be aware of these things, but they weren’t things that I wanted to write about within the confines of a completely public post because anyone who had my blog URL or stumbled across my blog could see them… but that is also the reason that I don’t use any of our real names in this blog, or on social networking sites with public contents. I’m also careful with what I do disclose. I still haven’t figured out the best way to approach writing about… what I’ve mentioned for the purposes of writing in this blog, although that may come with time. It’s something that is going to have to come with being thought about.

To lighten this post up a little bit, here’s a cute picture of Bub sitting on top of pillows.

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