This is fun… takes a lot of effort, but is fun!

In our spare time, we’ve been participating in Max Raids in Pokemon: Sword with the AI filling the spots for the other three characters until I completely get the hang of it. I’ve been doing pretty well so far, but I haven’t caught all of the legendary Pokemon on my first attempt due to the AI — if, between you and the other three “party members”, you faint four times, you get kicked out of the Max Raid. Generally it’s not me fainting during the final battle when you’re actually up against the legendary Pokemon. I’ve also found that switching out frequently before the legendary Pokemon really helps unless you’re switching to a type that it’s super effective against, because then you start the battle with full HP (and you can’t count on someone having a Pokemon that has Life Dew… now if you’re the person whose Pokemon has Life Dew, spam that mother fucker, seriously, your team members will undoubtedly need it and they will thank you for it later).

I still kind of wish you could use your own Pokemon in this, but catching new ones through it is fun.

Also, the remake of Diablo II is soon to come out and I am excited. I can never remember the name of it unless I Google it, but I grew up on the game and have a lot of fond memories of the game in general.

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