I stand corrected. I completely stand corrected.

I got the results of my blood work back, and in a twist that is going to surprise everyone that has anything to do with my care… I do not have diabetes. At all. My fasting blood sugar was 86, and my A1C actually dropped from 5.8 to 5.5. The only thing that was outside of normal bounds was my good cholesterol, which was four points from being within normal bounds. My bad cholesterol was within the acceptable range, though. So that kind of makes you think… if one’s good cholesterol is a bit too low, shouldn’t you expect your bad cholesterol to be a bit too high? Except that wasn’t the case here. But I suppose my doctor can explain it.

Now that I don’t have diabetes, we need to figure out what is causing these wounds, because something has to be. I’ve had the worst one for going on a month and a week now. You don’t just get wounds like these for no reason. Google hasn’t been particularly helpful, either. It keeps telling me that the most likely cause of these wounds is uncontrolled diabetes, and I don’t even have diabetes, which throws that out the window.

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