I figured that I would post about this in here.

It’s been nearly two years since my mom died from complications of cancer.

I’ve written about why we didn’t have a relationship at the end of her life in here, and I continue to feel the same way. The only difference, which is a good thing, is the fact that I no longer clearly remember having a mother. In a way it’s like she was never “around” to begin with due to how much I’ve actually forgotten about her. I did mention in here that my end goal was to completely forget about her, and I feel like I’m really making progress toward that goal. Whenever I see pictures of her on Facebook or from TimeHop, I look at them and have the most difficult time even placing when they happened because I just don’t remember it.

I’ve continued to get rid of things that she got me whenever I see them in my room or around the house.

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