These things should surprise, well, no one.

I managed to get the key that I mentioned in an earlier post working with some tape.

It’s not the best possible fix in the world, but under circumstances it will do until it can be repaired.

Right now, I know that the two most likely “contenders” for repairing it are to buy an individual key or to buy a new keyboard and have someone who knows a lot more about that sort of thing be the one to install the new keyboard onto… well, this computer. And in other news, my neurologist’s response to finding out that I consulted with the local pain management center here and was taken on as a patient was to passively-aggressively chart in my patient file. There was a reason why I chose to transfer that care, she is that reason, and my care will be completely transferred. I’ve actually stopped taking the medications that she prescribed, weaning off of them where appropriate, and in a twist that should surprise absolutely no one who might be reading this… nothing that she had prescribed me curtailed my migraines even modestly. There was still the whole quality of life issue to be had if I had remained under her care, taking medications that did not bring me more than slight relief, not being listened to when I vocalized these sentiments. At least the local pain management clinic listens to me and prescribed me Fioricet because that medication works…

As mentioned in previous posts here, I shouldn’t have to keep asking to be allowed to be in less pain. I shouldn’t be having to settle for pain to begin with or “learning to live with it”. No. I’m in my mid-thirties here.

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