If it’s not one thing, it’s… well, another. Thing.

I am now in possession of a laptop with a better processor and better graphics than my old one, even though this one can only take 12GB of RAM (and it’s already maxed out, it was that way after I purchased it) and my former laptop could take up to 16GB of RAM. However, the i key has been giving me trouble for almost as long as I’ve had it in my possession, although I hope to ameliorate that problem with a replacement key from… wherever I can find one for an Acer Aspire 315-21. Worst case, I’ll just buy a replacement keyboard for this and take the necessary key(s) off of that. After all, they seem to be sold on eBay. And absolute worst case, I can gently glue this key to the little stopper and have it work that way.

Sorting this out and getting the i key back up and runnning are seriously all I have to do here.

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