Seriously, correct me if I am wrong here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve heard that the Spanish translators of Supernatural are holding the line and have basically stated that they worked with what they were given… that, in other words, Dean reciprocated Castiel’s affections for him, at least in an earlier script. This wouldn’t surprise me if this were indeed the case though. It’s early 2021 and we still can’t tolerate having queer characters as main characters on television, let alone primetime, and especially without any queer characters being used to advance the plot like “oh, look, we actually wrote in someone who is marginalized!”. Will we ever see good representation in our lifetimes? I certainly hope so. And I intend on doing all that I can to advance that representation. BiPOC (how do you write that out again?), disabled, and queer characters need equal representation in works of media.

In other news, I’d been giving some things some thought. There have been people in my life that I had changed for, or tried to change for, at the cost of being myself — I didn’t dye my hair (even, and especially, unnatural colors), I didn’t have or wear cyberlox, I wasn’t an active member of any fandom, I didn’t feel like I could freely explore religion on my own terms… the list could go on, but those are the high points. And now that I am able to do all of those things, I feel free. Liberated. Like I am never going to go back from this or hide parts of myself like that again. All of this is even better when the rationale of “you’re a parent” comes into play like… hi? I can look how I want, dress how I want, and have the interests that I want separate from my identity as a parent? I am a fully formed person that has my own identity. I’m also a parent. Case closed.

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