I still find it absolutely hilarious that the Supernatural fandom “got into it” with the individual who worked on special effects during the fifteenth and final season of the show. Although I won’t be quoting it here, he said something extremely homophobic and in poor taste about “Destiel” (the “ship” of Castiel and Dean Winchester, which is so popular and well-known that people who don’t even watch the show, who have barely heard of the show, know exactly what it is and why it is). It eventually got to the point where people stopped commenting to him because we could all tell that he began to do what he was doing for attention at some point, and after awhile I no longer wanted to waste my time trying to explain to someone that the original comment they had made was that homophobic and that much in poor taste. If I recall, it happened at around the time that Dean Winchester’s name began Trending on Twitter due to a leak of the script…

Speaking of Twitter, I have continued to hear absolutely nothing about the suspension of my first account on there. I’m guessing that I won’t hear anything at all regarding the suspension of that account, as I’ve heard from more and more people that sometimes Twitter suspends accounts (even if you are disagreeing with the nomination of who is now our Supreme Court Justice), and when you appeal it as is your right to, they simply ignore the appeal and all attempts at communication with them regarding the appeal. Like I’ve mentioned in previous entries, people have found out how to make subsequent accounts on their site when they blatantly do this, and it’s not actually that difficult to do. Maybe if Twitter would actually do what they are supposed to be doing in circumstances like these and reinstating the account in question or telling the account owner why they were not reinstating the account in question so many people would not be resorting or have resorted to ways to make another account on their website. I can completely look the other way on this one.

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