It was almost cathartic for me to do this.

When I was cleaning out my closet — see the entries referencing that if you would like — I noticed that I had a lot of clothing from my old two-year college. Since I wanted to make room in my closet and knew that I would never wear those articles of clothing again in spite of how well they may (or may not) have fit me, I decided to throw every single last one of them in the trash. I don’t have any good memories of actually attending that college even though I got a two-year degree from them. So it was cathartic in a way to get rid of those clothes knowing that I would never wear them again, especially given… where… they came from. I’m only in loose contact with one person that attended that college with me although we don’t really talk that much, but I haven’t kept in touch with the rest of the people that I attended with, and for very good reason…

But now that my closet is a lot easier to manage, I’m also thinking of throwing away the clothes that my (now late) mother got me as soon as I can find the time to do so and replace them with better clothes. Sure, they still fit me, so not much has changed in that department. However, they are not items of clothing that I would actually comfortably wear. It was like she was dressing for the version of a child that she did not have and would never exist, and as soon as I got to that section in my closet I could see it for myself. These were just things that I would never wear unless I literally and seriously did not have any other clothes to wear. She must have had it in her mind that I was someone who did not and would not exist, and that’s fine with me because she’s been gone since mid-2019. I don’t miss her, and I don’t think about her very often at all now.

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