When it’s not one thing, it’s always another.

I get the most peculiar spam comments.

It’s gotten to the point that if, and invariably when, I get spam comments, I use Sweep to get rid of them.

At any rate, not long ago the special effects “wizard” from the fifteenth season of Supernatural decided to start shit online that was pretty much all manner of +phobic. It got to the point where he quickly made it clear that he was reveling in the extra attention, so a lot of people backed off once they had seen for themselves that was actually the case. Since I don’t like taking comment and post blocks on social media sites, I kept all of my interactions with him civil even though they were not polite as he had not given me any reason to be polite to him. But he did respond to something that I posted about him regarding his failure to understand what virtue signaling really is, and he patronizingly called me “kiddo” in the comment back to me. I reminded him that I will soon be thirty-five years old and hardly a “kiddo” by the definition of the word, and he didn’t correspond with me at all after that point. I suppose it really is for the better that he didn’t…

And then there was the old stick of “kids don’t know what gender or sexuality they are!”. Not true.

This show practically ruined itself by the last three episodes, and the last episode of the series in particular.

Given that Supernatural started before I had either one of my children and was still able-bodied, it will obviously take me some time to “get over” this, assuming that I do at all. Many people invested a lot of their emotions into this show just for everything to go sour at the end, and I empathize with their frustrations.

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