This actually makes me laugh here. It does.

The remainder of the fifteenth season’s episodes of Supernatural are available on Netflix here in the United States, which I completely expected them to be sooner or later. (But will I watch them? Maybe once, just to say that I watched every single episode of Supernatural, and then I am not going to rewatch it.) But the thing that makes me laugh, you say? The fact that the Spanish dub is not available along with them when it usually is. Someone that I know stated that… this doesn’t ordinarily happen, but everyone’s guess is that the Spanish version of the show is going to be re-dubbed to conform more to the American version even though there are plenty of videos being disseminated around the Internet demonstrating the original dub where Dean Winchester reciprocated Castiel’s love for him. It’s not like you can put all of this back in the box here.

The actor that plays Castiel hasn’t said anything else about this aside from admitting that his initial (more than likely encouraged by the CW, at least as far as a lot of fans suspect) attempt at… quashing this was tone-deaf, and I’m inclined to agree with him. It was. But I’m still annoyed that a show that managed to last fifteen seasons, that broke a world record and is now the longest running sci-fi show ever, managed to go out as poorly as it did and us fans are just expected to sit here, there, wherever we’re sitting and gladly take table scraps. It seems that we’re supposed to be grateful for them, and we’re not. Oh, we are really not…

They should have waited until the pandemic was over to film and complete the series, and they should really have re-thought the last three episodes and the finale. They seriously went out on the poorest possible note.

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