Forget all your fears and follow me.

Not too long ago, one of the stabilizers that was holding my closet rod broke, and my closet rod fell down in my closet because of that. So time had to be spent replacing the broken stabilizer and then hanging all of my clothes back up on the rod once all of the repairs were done — I took the time to throw away all of the clothes that I had gotten from my old college’s bookstore because I have no good memories left of attending said college. That freed up space in my closet for the clothes that I got as early Christmas presents, so even though I wish that my closet rod had never fallen down to begin with, the timing on that couldn’t actually have been better. I also took the time to clean and organize my closet, because I have to keep a lot of Bub’s items in my own closet since he has the proclivities to damage and tear books when not monitored… heh.

I am now beginning to buy Christmas presents, though. And I have the room to hide them in my closet.

Also, I am addicted to this song because Zoey 101 gave me so much life during its air.

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