This could have been worse than it actually was.

As per an order from a judge, schools in this district could not actually open for in-person (“face-to-face”) instruction until on or after Labor Day. This district decided to come up with the “plan” of allowing parents and guardians to choose between allowing their students to attend in-person or virtually in the face of the pandemic, but that was taken away from them in the form of this order prohibiting face-to-face instruction until at least that date. The district could have chosen to delay the start of the school year until on or after Labor Day, which meant that students would attend school until the start of June instead of the end of May, or all students could attend virtually until on or after that date. Apparently this district is going to attempt to have all students attend virtually, which… surprisingly is not that bad of an option. I suppose we as collective citizens of this county will see if this blows up in the district’s face for lack of planning in the coming weeks.

But this literally makes the third or fourth time that this district has not, in some capacity, been allowed to fling the doors open during this pandemic for access, or increased access, to federal funding, and it really shows where their priorities are. At this point, nothing that the district could do would surprise me any more.

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