I can finally get prescription sunglasses, everyone!

I found out that I can finally get sunglasses off of Zenni Optical.

This is going to be great for my migraines.

Before, the lens strength only stopped at -6, and my right eye was -6.75 at last checkup, which meant that the lens made would not be strong enough to bring that eye to 20/20 vision. Strangely, they made single vision lenses that weren’t sunglasses in that strength, but… not sunglasses. So after I do get around to getting my eyes checked (I was actually going to do it when the coronavirus hit, and then decided to wait on that), I can get sunglasses in a strength that fits my actual prescription! This means that I can wear them whenever I need to, which should also help cut down on the frequency and severity of my migraines. We hope. They can’t actually hurt them, anyway… and that’s the most major thing. I’ve been looking at some of them on the website (it’s a shame that my pupillary distance is a bit small, or else my first two choices would have worked and would have been great, but it is what it is here, isn’t it?), so I have some picked out in my head that I might like to choose from. I’ll go from there once I get my eyes tested and can also get a new pair of prescription glasses if my prescription has actually changed. But seriously, this is going to be really great!

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