A novel way to actually build credit for… free.

Please note that I am not actually getting paid to make this post.

Someone mentioned Kikoff on Facebook, and I decided to give this a try on my own since… surprisingly, I don’t actually have any credit. I’ve been the kind of person to only pay for things when I have the money “in hand” to make the payment, but I figured that if there were a way to start to work on my credit without actually taking tangible risk in the event that I needed to have good credit in the future, I might as well start now while I didn’t technically need to have good credit. So that’s what I’ve been doing. What Kikoff does is “lends” you $12.00 in their virtual wallet once you make an account with them, and you pay them back a dollar a month over the course of a year with them. As long as you stay current on payments, they report that “loan” being paid back to them to all three major credit reporting agencies in the United States. In turn, that actually gives you a credit score if you’re… well, like me, and you don’t have a credit score, or it improves your credit score if you’re someone who might not have the best credit score (this can influence up to 35% of your credit score if that is the case and you already have a credit score!). As long as you remember to make these single $1 payments on time, it’s all reward and no risk — you come out of it with an actual, good credit score, which you can later use to your advantage, or you actually improve your already existing credit score!

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