A lot of things all in one post here, I guess.

Through slightly more careful observation, I’m speculating that the “first cousins” on my Ancestry matches page may be my mother’s (half-)sisters. Neither of them have responded to my messages, so it is what it is… for now. They may or may not know that she exists, or existed, if that is the case. Her father was never really in her life to begin with and actively avoided supporting her, although if I remember correctly my late grandmother had one picture of siblings that she had through him, and my mother told me that he died in the mid-nineties. But I have been talking to a more distant cousin of mine on Ancestry, and she dislikes organized theistic religion as much as I do, which is great. I intend on sending her a friends request on Facebook once I can, once I am done with this most recent post block and comment block. (And ironically, for Mark Zuckerberg kissing Trump’s ass not being willing to take a harder line against the shit he says on social media, a lot of people are quitting Facebook, which I think is good. Maybe Facebook will stop being popular.)

And since I’ve joined so many Discord servers, I’ve actually left some of the ones that I didn’t chat as much in to cut down on the amount of ones that I am a member of, because I couldn’t juggle all of them at once. It was (and is) nothing personal to the ones that I did quit! It’s just that I can’t juggle being in so many servers.

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