There’s always this… lull when it comes to games.

I’m beginning to lose some of the zest that I had for Animal Crossing when it first came out, but I do check the game before I go to bed each night provided that I did not check it at some point during the day. This is one of the reasons that I do not want to “commit” to MMORPGs that you have to pay a monthly subscription to play, because at some point in time I know that I am going to lose interest in it, and I would just rather not take the risk of paying every month to play something that my brain is eventually, sooner rather than later, going to go, “Hey! You need to take a break from this!”. Because I know me, and it’s something that happens every time with every game. I need to be able to walk away from it at some point. Brain does what brain wants when it comes to games, especially MMOs. There is no sweet-talking brain into “committing to the cause”. I have not found an MMO yet that I have committed to long-term without there being some break.

I suppose this may have come about, or been cemented in my head, from playing games with the wrong kind of people over the years. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love games. I love playing them around migraines, with the right medication, when I can. But I have managed to play them with the wrong people over the years, so this may have become a bit of a protective mechanism that my brain can not shake, even if I am now playing them with the right people. So if you are one of those “wrong” people, thanks, seriously.

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