Let’s not act Rick and Morty out in real life.

I’m just using this picture of Bub here because it’s a cute picture that I took.

But in relevant news, I got into a debate with a nihilist that wanted to double down on everything, and… sparing you the details, never do that. I’m not sure if they were intentionally sealioning (and yes, that is a thing) on every topic that came up or they weren’t aware that they were actually that obtuse, but they were. It was also one of the few discussions that actually saw the “Nazi card” properly invoked, too. The individual in question only admitted that “fit” people should breed and that disabled people “should not”, and they seemed to wonder why this invoked a lot of ire from more participants that began to join the debate… discussion… whatever you might like to call it. I am now going to draw a hard line in the sand at actually talking to those kind of people, though. If you sincerely hold those beliefs, I will end the conversation with you as soon as you bring them up. No espousing Aktion T4 sentiments on my watch, please. Not during a global pandemic where more people are dying than we had sum casualties during the Vietnam War. And not during the Trump Administration. But not in general. Like, from now on, I don’t even care about proving these people wrong in debates and discussions by wearing them down with my normal, stubborn nature. Just no.

It is 2020. People should not seriously be espousing sentiments reminiscent of Aktion T4 in 2020. Seriously.

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